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We all want to be healthier and to feel better about ourselves.  Nevertheless, mostly we are lacking the motivation and the discipline to make that first step towards self-improvement. So what can there be done? It’s common knowledge that exercise is the answer, and yet we are reluctant to start. We come up with all types of excuses, such as lack of time, forgetting the enormous benefits come with keeping fitBelow are seven reason why now is the right time to begin the life you’ve been dreaming about all along.

1) Weight loss

You may have been thinking about losing some pounds or maintaining your current weight loss. Without exercise, all other efforts to do this will be in vain. This is because exercise creates a calorie difference based on the number of calories consumed and those released your body will also start replacing fat with muscle which will raise your overall metabolism during the day and night. The higher the metabolism the higher the number of calories you will lose throughout the day. In no time you’ll begin to see a change in your physique.

2) Elevated moods

Anxiety and depression can be kept at bay through exercise. Exercise will help you feel calmer and energetic as you release the hormone cortisol from your body. By conquering double the amount of pushups than you thought yourself capable of, you will feel more confident and able to achieve so much more Such type of confidence will keep a smile on your face the entire day. Comfort foods such as ice cream, on the other hand, have no effect on stress levels. All you get is a lot regret after finishing the entire tub of ice cream. As you make better food choices and take care of yourself you will gain a positive outlook on life and start to notice how great it is to be alive and healthy.

3) Better sleep and clearer skin

If you keep staring at the ceiling without a wink of sleep at night, regular exercise may be the magic pill you’ve been looking for. Working out in the morning or afternoon as opposed to right before you sleep will help tire you just enough to fall asleep faster and deeper. Your chances of sleeping the entire night will also increase significantly. Healthy foods such as dark chocolate and whole oats contain magnesium which will help you fall asleep faster and minimize chances of sleepwalking.

Unhealthy meals containing lots of sugar and dairy products have been linked to acne outbreaks. By simply eliminating such foods and adding healthy options such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables you’re bound to see a decrease in the outbreaks.

4) Increased level of productivity and creativity

Chances of developing dementia increase as you get older. Hippocampus, the cells that are used for memory and learning new things, are produced whenever we engage in physical activities As we grow older, the amount of hippocampus we have decreases which in turn increases chances for dementia. Regular exercise increases the hippocampus size which will prevent dementia occurrence. The prefrontal cortex benefits a lot from an increase in oxygen flow to the brain as a result of exercise. This builds intelligence levels and ability to act quickly in daily life situations. Walking increases creativity levels since it clears your mind. New ideas are often found after spending some quality time with nature as you exercise. An increase in energy levels is
usually the result of exercise. You will be less inclined to tire out quickly hence more productive in the workplace.

5) Prevent obesity

Exercise will also reduce your chances of being obese. Obesity comes with a lot of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke. Any amount of exercise done, even just a brisk walk or light jogging will keep such diseases away. Being mindful of the type of food you consume is also helpful. High consumption of red meat is known to cause a stroke. Sugary foods, on the other hand, lead to diabetes. Avoiding regular consumption of such foods and consuming healthier alternative will improve immunity levels which keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Losing weight and keeping fit never disappoints.

6) Leads to a better posture and healthier bones

Regular physical activity strengthens abdominal muscles which reduces back pain by taking the pressure off. Strengthening such muscles after giving birth is essential since the baby puts a lot of pressure on the lower back and pelvic area. Posture is greatly improved when you stretch tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones. Proper posture prevents injuries and a good range of health issues. As you strengthen the muscles around the bones, the bones will also become stronger. The cartilage will remain strong since it depends on exercise for its supply of nutrients.

7) It gives you a chance to spend time with yourself

Exercise provides you with moments where you can zone out from the world and focus on yourself. Such moments are crucial since you’ll have time to think about your goals, visions, and plans. Due to increased levels of confidence, you’ll also be motivated to start on the plans. Your life will start to shift as your priorities become clear. Everything that doesn’t make you happy will be discarded to the bottom of the pile as you get new and exciting things to focus on You could also use the time to listen to your
favorite music or binge watch your favorite series to keep you going throughout the exercise. When you are at a better place with yourself you will become more capable of taking care of everyone else in your life. You cannot be strong for them if you’re not strong for yourself.

More often than not we view exercise, keeping fit, losing weight and proper nutrition as a punishment. That could not be further from the truth. Taking care of ourselves results in an overall improvement in the quality of our lives and of those around us. Since we are happier and more energetic we will become a better spouse, friend, relative and employee.

Just begin exercising and taking care of yourself. Even a single walk every day in the evening can bring tremendous benefits to your life.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or the next Monday, make a change now!

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